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Friday Health News Roundup

Burger King Rethinks Advertising at Kids (Sort of)

The fast food giant [1] is putting a stop to certain ads directed at children. While this is a promising step, there’s certainly room for improvement: only ads featuring meals with more than 560 calories are getting cut.

FDA Misfire?

After the FDA issued a warning that antidepressants [2] increase suicide risk in teenagers, prescriptions dropped – but suicides spiked dramatically. What’s unclear is whether or not there is any causative link.

Sick? Lonely? It’s Genetic

Of course it is! Scientists say that health problems [3] such as inflammation, reduced immunity and heart disease are higher in people who report being socially isolated. In a recent study researchers found that (ready for this?) fourteen lonely people had certain genes that “overexpressed”, thus indicating a genetic link between loneliness and health. (To be fair, a prior study of 8,000 twins suggested a probable relationship.)

FDA’s Top Legal Counsel Heading for Private Sector

Well, it was fun while it lasted! Another FDA head honcho terminates [4] the government fun and goes back to the private sector. Sheldon Bradshaw [5] was supposed to be a breath of fresh air for the agency because he had no reported ties to drug companies, but he proved to be standard issue, offering one-on-one meetings with pharmaceutical companies during his tenure.

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