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Friday Link Love

60 in 3 tells us what does and does not count as a vegetable [7].

Dumb Little Man lists 50 Ideas for a Healthy Lifestyle that Take 10 Minutes or Less [8].

Modern Forager considers which sweetener is best [9].

That’s Fit scoops Mindless Eating [10].

DietHack tells us How to Stay Healthy While at Your Desk All Day [11].

LifeHacker explains Why the Push-Up Belongs in Your Fitness Routine [12].

Dr. Michael Eades on why Vegetarians AGE faster [13].

WiseBread covers the rising cost of eggs [14].

Conditioning Research shows us how to do a heavy Turkish Get Up [15].

and last, but not least…

SciencePunk pokes fun at the latest health trend in Japan: Pig Placenta Drink [16].

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