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Friday Link Love

The IF Life lists reasons why Intermittent Fasting [8] is for everyone.

Diethack shows us how to avoid workplace injury [9].

Eating Fabulous reports that Vitamin D Reduces Diabetes Risk in Children [10].

Parent’s for Ethical Marketing rants about kids and candy [11].

Modern Forager gives Four Ways to Add Some Excitement to Your Diet [12].

Art De Vany shows the results of eating right [13].

ScienceRoll analyzes demo genes [14] using 23andme.

Laurel on Health Food provides eat-by dates for fruits and veggies [15].

FitSugar gets in on sprinting [16].

60 in 3 debunks sauna weight loss myths [17].

Healthbolt reports on acidic enamel-eating [18] junk food.

Bad Science consider the power of the placebo effect [19].

and last, but not least…

Pharma Marketing Blog uncovers Zetia’s “49 Strategy” to wine and dine doctors [20].

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