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March 14, 2008

Friday Link Love

By Aaron

The IF Life lists reasons why Intermittent Fasting is for everyone.

Diethack shows us how to avoid workplace injury.

Eating Fabulous reports that Vitamin D Reduces Diabetes Risk in Children.

Parent’s for Ethical Marketing rants about kids and candy.

Modern Forager gives Four Ways to Add Some Excitement to Your Diet.

Art De Vany shows the results of eating right.

ScienceRoll analyzes demo genes using 23andme.

Laurel on Health Food provides eat-by dates for fruits and veggies.

FitSugar gets in on sprinting.

60 in 3 debunks sauna weight loss myths.

Healthbolt reports on acidic enamel-eating junk food.

Bad Science consider the power of the placebo effect.

and last, but not least…

Pharma Marketing Blog uncovers Zetia’s “49 Strategy” to wine and dine doctors.

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Scott Kustes
9 years 6 months ago

Nice links Mark! Thanks for the love. That post by Parent’s for Ethical Marketing had a link to a video of Blow Energy Drink. Now that’s ridiculous!

Mike OD - IF Life
9 years 6 months ago

Awwww…and here I thought I was about to get banned and then the love comes. Thanks! I can’t point enough people to the “Case against Cardio” post…my all time favorite!