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    Ace Hardware sells a nice size enamel crock for about $25. You might have to order it through a local branch. Or try online!

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    You don't want to cook sauerkraut or you will kill the good stuff. I try to leave some out to get to room temperature to eat instead of heating it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fyrespryte View Post
    Where can I get one of those large crocks at a fairly reasonable price. All the fermenting crocks that I've found have been hundreds of dollars! I also want to use it to make kimchee.
    Cultures for Health sells a great glass jar with a system that make your fermentation process 100% air tight.

    I bought the bigger version and I'm really happy with it and it's big enough for my needs.
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    Egoldstein--ttp:// check the reference to vinagre de pin~a.

    Frespryte--I pickle most any vegetable, some fruits, and eggs. I use the glass gallon jars that normally hold bulk quantities of pickles, olives, whatever. For times when weights are required I have some tiles that were cut to fit into the jars and I have some weights that were meant to be fancy kitchen things in Japan for making tofu. Look like lions. You can use a polished stone, a can from the supermarket, a brick, whatever makes your fermenting special for you.

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    Thanks for all replies. I shall have great fun trying this. I won't pressure cook it - surely that will kill all of the beneficial bacteria - which I considered to be the point of the exercise?

    I have some nice (unused!) heavy glass ashtrays which I think will be perfect for keeping the cabbage submerged. Does anyone use whey, as recommended by Sally Fallon? Or just salt / veg??

    Can't wait to get going with this!

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