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    sugar... when? why?

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    My girlfriend bought me some white chocolate coconut balls the other day to say thanks for helping her out with some work.

    I didn't dare look at the ingredients and just ate them!

    They were nice, but my body hasn't recovered yet lol.

    I think my body is much more sensitive to sugar, wheat etc since my diet has cleaned up..... or maybe it was just more normal for me and I didn't really notice the difference?!?!
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    1.5 years ago. I was fat and sick then.

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    It has been too long to remember. I do eat dark chocolate chips a lot. There is added sugar in those... do they count? I eat 2-4 at a time though... That comes out to less than 2 g of carbs!
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    Is table sugar refined sugar? I have half a teaspoon with the morning coffee. I feel okay. If I have any candies or gum I get a nasty headache though, this never happened before. I blame aspartame in those "sugarless" gum atrocities.

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    table sugar is the most refined sugar! (besides maybe HFCS)

    About 3 weeks ago I stopped drinking coffee every morning, because I don't really like it unless I add chocolate (either cocoa mix that contains sugar, or a square of dark chocolate with half a teaspoon of sugar). I did it to get past a plateau, and it worked to drop that itty-bitty bit of sugar. I had one coffee on the weekends, and one coffee this morning (didn't sleep well last night), and it's obvious that even that small amount of sugar generates an insulin response because I get hungry about 30 minutes after I drink it (even though I put cream and coconut milk in my coffee for a bit of fat).

    Monday our department had a huge bake sale and set out the leftovers in the office ... I caved and had 2 chocolate cookies - my first wheat/sugar combo in months. I felt pretty icky for several hours afterwards, even though my overall carb count for the day was still pretty low...

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    I have 2 cups of coffee each morning each with heavy cream and turbinado. Outside of that I will have the occasional square of dark choc, or for special events I make freshly whipped cream using a small amount of honey as the sweetener....delicious to dip berries into!

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    i unknowingly ate refined sugar over the weekend in a broccoli salad, of all things. refined sugar makes every cell of my body feel like its being fried to bits, and the i want to sleep for, like, 2 days.

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    i had some brownie fudge cool whip caramel heath bar concoction at a family BBQ. It was good. My stomach felt fine after, but I battled with fatigue, general shitty feelingness for the next day or so. May have been connected. I also had some redi whip on a grilled banana

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    Yesterday, in the form of Sucanat, in my home-made masala chai, a weekly indulgence for me.

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