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Thread: Primal Journal (PattySt - 50yo Mom)

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    My goals:

    1. 90/10 Primal - leaving room for milk in the coffee and occasional cheese

    2. CrossFit - Having lots of fun with this...see my post under the CrossFit thread.

    3. More slow moving - it's 100 degrees here in the high desert of Washington state so I haven't been outside much.

    4. Continue to encourage & support healthy eating as a family - husband follows Zone/Paleo very closely and has lost 65 lbs since Jan 1. 17yo daughter tying to eliminate wheat, starches. 15yo son trying to eat more protein and vegetables.

    Intended result: weight loss and improved energy for me, continued good health for the family!

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    Day one was a bit of a challenge. You see I didn't remember The Challenge until I got to I am counting my actual start as after breakfast

    I ate almonds and string cheese around 11:30. I refused to eat the Sweet & Salty bar I brought so when I took my lunch (usually at 1:00 or so) I stopped at the store and bought some roast beef at the deli and a pureed fruit sugar. Not the best, but not the worst. Dinner was salmon and bok choy. good considering it wasn't until 8:30.

    My schedule is wrecked again with the start of driver's ed for my youngest. 6-8 three nights a week. My norm is to leave work at 4:00 and go to the gym...then home for dinner. Now I must work out while he is at driver's ed and it just sets the timiing off.

    We must learn to adapt (like Grok) and not let it derail us!! School will start soon and we will all be on a more reasonable schelue...yeah!

    I did have a great workout last night...CrossFit style, although not the WOD. Warm up (1000m row), then 6 tire flips and 20 squats three rounds as fast as possible. Then 2min rest, then 8 russian tists and 15 wall balls, three rounds as fast as possible. Then 2 min rest, then 10 push ups and 20 sit ups, three rounds as fast as possible. Cool down (1000m row) and stretch.

    There you have it...Day ONE!

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    B: scrambled egs & applesauce, coffee w/milk...almost out of 2%, will switch to whole...still goes against the grain from years of low fat conditioning!

    11:00 - almonds, string cheese, grapes, carrots

    1:00 - ham

    D: will be a Big Ass Salad...haven't had one in a while. I'm mentally going over all the veggies in my fridge making a plan.

    Peace, out....

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    Waiting patiently for my PB book to arrive. I ordered it last Wednesday. Too late for UPS now....

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    I love goal number 4. It's nice to see a (mostly) selfless goal as part of the 30 day challenge. It's what MDA is all about and I love to see others acting likewise. Good luck on encouraging others to live a healthier lifestyle. Cheers!

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    Patty, I show that your book was delivered yesterday at 4:45 pm via USPS. Have you not received it? If not, give my customer support a call and they'll sort it out for you: 888-774-6259.

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    Hey Patty ! ... I am sure that driver's ed will be stressful - omg, I have about 6 years for that for my oldest - yikes !! ... AND I am still trying to get my 3yo to go potty - hm ..which is worse ??

    Your food is looking GOOD

    Check out my new blog at

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    Thanks Mark! Mailman came late yesterday...the book is here!! Thanks for taking the time to read our posts!

    Teenagers are tough...I only hope they absorb some knowledge, make a few better choices now and lots of better choices once they are on their own. My husband and I have already 'recurited' his sister and cousin.

    Primal Mom - I remember potty training like it was yesterday! Every step of the parenting journey is great. My son has been driving race cars since he was 6 years old so actually driving a car on the street is a very long awaited event for him.



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    Dinner last night was a hamburger patty and a big salad...spinach, romain and bok choy w/ feta, pecans and a few craisins. Used commercial greek dressing that had some HFCS in it...ARGH!

    Went to the dentist this morning...have to have a cavity filled for the first time in years!

    Breakfast is sitting here at my desk: ham slices and almonds and a latte. Trying to sip slowly because the water is off until noon for 'hydrant work' bathroom breaks!

    Have a great day everyone! Peace

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    Lunch was scrambled egges, turkey bacon and apple sauce. No idea what's for dinner...DH and DD were going grocery shopping this afternoon so we'll see what they bring home

    Today we retire the skim milk and make DS go to 2%. (I know...whole would be even better, but baby steps...CW got us here, it will take time to undo the damage) We'll see how it goes...he's big consumer cereal and thinks anything but skim milk is too gloppy. I've tried this before with limited success. He has no choice now...he needs more fat in his diet! He's 15yo, 6'1" and 140 lbs. He runs cross country and is working toward his black belt in Shudokan Karate. The boy needs to bulk up!

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