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    Eating while bored working from home....

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    I love my job when I'm out, but I often have to work from home a few days a week to sometimes weeks at a time. I tend to eat a lot out of boredom of being home and just being at the house all day. Sometimes I can leave the house and work, but that's usually a pain as I need my full computer set up and desk space.

    Any advice on not eating during down time throughout the day?

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    Some sort of IF protocol would work brilliantly on those days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RichMahogany View Post
    Some sort of IF protocol would work brilliantly on those days.
    Ya the old "boys crave structure" attitude has some truth to it. See if you can plan 7 days of anticipation-worthy dinners and stick to it. (Mild) appetite becomes a positive thing and snacks will fade from the radar.

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    Put this up on the fridge, pantry, anywhere you cruise looking for snacks:

    I work primarily from home and I find doing other things to distract myself works well. If I need a few minutes away from my work, I'll go load the breakfast dishes in the dishwasher or throw in some laundry. Crank out 50 squats or do a set of pushups. I always have the radio on so once in a while I'll have a dance party for one when a great song comes on.
    I find sipping on tea or chewing gum helps too. Mind you, I always make sure I eat enough to be satisfied at mealtimes that I'm not on a snack hunt all day long.

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