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Thread: SRMnM's work-lunch recipe! 3-days worth.

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    SRMnM's work-lunch recipe! 3-days worth.

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    Aloo Gobi style curry!!!

    What you need:

    3 x plastic sealable dishes
    200g medium shrimps
    3 bell peppers (I use one yellow,green and red)
    Onion (Brown/Red)
    2 cups spinach
    1tsp ginger (ground)
    1tsp tumeric
    1tbsp cumin seeds
    1tsp basil

    Chop the peppers and onion up and wash.
    Put shrimp on hot pan and lightly fry with cumin seeds and basil in butter/oil of choice.
    Add chopped peppers and onion.
    Once everything has cooked enough, peppers will have leaked a lot of water onto the pan!
    Add the tumeric and ginger and stir the dish through.
    Put the spinach on last and cover until spinach begins to shrink.
    Remove heat and let sit for 2mins.

    Put 3 servings into 3 seperate dishes.
    Once at room temp, refrigerate.
    They will keep for 3 days and perfect for lunch!!!

    The best thing about this dish is that its quite similar to a Aloo Gobi (Indian Curry), the water from the cooking vege mixes with the tumeric, ginger and cumin creating a really tasty light curry sauce (without the junk most curry sauces have).
    Yum!! Your colleagues will be very jealous standing by the toasted sandwich maker!

    It certainly has the grounds of experimentation. If I had lemongrass and coriander handy i would have added them.

    Health Benefits:
    Peppers & Onion: Enough carbs to stave off hunger until your primal dinner is served hours later.
    Tumeric: Read Marks article!!
    Spinach: A godsend vege, lots of iron!
    Shrimps: High in protein.
    Everything else have antioxidant values.

    All you need now is a piece of fruit and a glass of water and lunch is served!
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    that sounds so good. I love shrimp curry. Thanks for sharing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katie82 View Post
    that sounds so good. I love shrimp curry. Thanks for sharing!
    No worries

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