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Thread: Farmed to Death

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    Farmed to Death

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    Quick article around a new book on the problems that arise when a culture shifts to agriculture.

    In Pandora's Seed, Spencer Wells traces the chain of events that began with the advent of settled communities and the rise of agriculture 10 to 12,000 years ago and results in the mismatches between our biology and the conditions of life in today's post-agricultural world. Wells, an anthropologist and geneticist well known for his genetic studies of the modern human dispersal from Africa, notes that many of the genes that have been selected for over the past 10,000 years of human evolution have been those involved in metabolising food - highlighting the profound change that sedentary food production has had on our species.

    The book on Amazon, for those interested:

    I have not read it but plan to, so can't give any opinion. Sounds interesting though.

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    I read about it. reviews seemed to be good... I think I will order it as well as some other books I spotted on amazon.

    thanks for providing the link. I had forgotten about the name...
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