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Thread: I hate chicken -- want good recipe

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    I hate chicken -- want good recipe

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    I hate chicken. It is not flavorless, but what little flavor it has is bad. It is hard to make. I want to eat more of it though because I pretty much eat beef fish eggs and more beef.

    Any ideas for easy good chicken recipes?

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    Chicken is a beautiful canvas for a lot of great flavors.

    Dark meat typically is more yummy than white meat. Chicken thighs with the skin, lovingly brushed with butter and a touch of garlic, and baked is just lovely.

    If you're sticking with chicken breast, grilled chicken (slice after grilling for more surface area) with pesto is great. Pesto sounds complicated but really it's just oil, herbs, and a bit of nuts run through the food processor.

    Personally, I love chopping up chicken, frying it in a bit of butter, then smothering it in coconut milk and curry powder. So bleeding good.
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    Life is too short to eat foods you hate.

    There are tons of other protein sources other than chicken, beef, fish and eggs. Try some new things like lamb, seafood and if you can tolerate dairy, cheese, just to name a few.

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    where are you getting your chicken? Ive found theres a big difference in the taste between a conventionally raised chicken and a proper farm raised (free range, organic ) chicken.
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    Mask it ... curry. Or, eat something else.

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    Nothing simpler than baked chicken wings with butter, hot sauce, fish sauce, liquid smoke. Bake @ 400F for 45-50 minutes. If they are super hot, dip in some blue cheese and yogurt mixture. Add some celery and carrots to the plate and watch your favorite team lose big. Painful.

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    Chicken really isn't that good for you anyway. Stick to beef, lamb, etc.
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    Chicken curry's are always nice. There are tons of recipes out there for that.

    Chicken and coconut with lemon raps works always together.

    I love sweet and sour chicken, or chicken with sesame seeds.

    The trick with chicken is not to cook it dry. They always say that chicken should be baked, grilled or what ever for a long time because of the bacteria in it but don't over do it… it will be dry and not very nice.
    If you make the mistake to make chicken too dry, slice it in thin slices and use it as a pizza crust. (I know there are recipes available)
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    I love chicken kebab but if I prepare chicken myself it's not very flavourful. I guess it takes grilling to make chicken taste great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tf View Post
    I hate chicken. I want to eat more of it though because I pretty much eat beef fish eggs and more beef.
    Follow your instincts; chicken is peasant food, only one step above grains.

    Bison > Beef > Fish & Seafood > Pork > Chicken

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