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Thread: Home work out material

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    Home work out material

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    I like to spend money on festival and concerts so I need to save up for those.
    So with a willingness to pay for the more expensive meat to get healthy I have no money left to spend on working out equipment.

    Two days ago I found a solution in my storage room... cat litter! I have 20liter sacks of cat litter in my storage room. I tried to use them instead of kettlebells and it worked brilliantly.

    So now I am wondering, what are other using for lifting at home, but I mean the home-made stuff or just what you have at your house on a daily basis?
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    Slosh pipes and sandbags (similar to your litter) are great. There's an entire section of the website devoted to homemade equipment. He uses kids sleds loaded with weights to do sled drags and about a billion other semi-brilliant things.
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    Various water bottles are good, you can even progress up to the huge water dispenser type.........I can only imagine how heavy they would be if filled with sand.

    Don't forget though to check out Thrift stores, parking lot sales and the local classifieds because you can often pick up workout equipment really cheap !

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