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Thread: NOTHING to do with primal living...but need some advice/comforting words!

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    I personally would not have confronted the guy, the lie made it fairly clear that he is not interested in anything but a one-nighter. Some people do not have the courage to just say they are not interested, so they feel the need to make something up as to not hurt your feelings as much. I have actually done the same thing to be honest - I had a thing, wasn't interested in anything further, so I made something up to take care of the situation without having a sit down discussion with the guy about why I don't like him. If you are going to take it personally, then one-night-stands are probably not in your best interest.

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    I would say if you meet someone who you feel you may like a relationship with then don't go home with them on the first night. If you just want sex then go home with them. Don't confuse a one night stand with a relationship - they are entirely different.

    Time to move on, however hard it may be...

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    THANKS so much guys, i feel a whole lot better! I did see it as a ONS, and i definetly dont want a relationship with him (although i suppose you could count 'friendship' as a relationship'), but i took things too personally.
    I've definetly learnt from the experience, so that next time i will need to ask myself "do i mind if i never see this guy again?" and if the answer is no, then a ONS is ok. I guess also i need to be a little less trusting/naive...i guess experiences like this are what make us grow up and mature..
    Anyway, putting it behind me now..thanks again for the support x

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