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    Hazelnut Flour

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    I was at the store today picking up some Almond Meal just in case I dared to attempt to make some Batty's Blueberry Butterballs when I noticed that there was some Hazelnut Flour/Meal as well.

    I thought that this might be primal, but I haven't seen anyone talk about it on the forums nor have I seen any recipes that call for it. I had thought that Almond Flour and Coconut Flour were our only choices.

    So what is the verdict on Hazelnut Flour/Meal, primal or non-primal?

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    I think hazelnut goes really well with chocolate. I dunno what the omega 3/6 ratio of it is though.

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    It looks like they are lower than most nuts in O6, but still relatively high:

    One ounce of hazelnut oil contains the following amounts of nutrition based on the RDA: 248 calories (all from fat), 66 percent vitamin E, 33.6 milligrams of phytosterols and 2,828 milligrams of omega-6 fatty acids.

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    I've made hazelnut flour/butter before...quite tasty. Eat it up and enjoy. Be cautious of throwing your O6:O3 balance off though.
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    Hazelnuts are primal... all nuts are - just not too much of it. So, I don't see why hazelnut flour would NOT be primal... I have never heard of it but there is probably a flour or "meal" version for every nut.
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