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    Looking for a Dehydrator

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    I noticed some threads talking about recipes. But what is a good, low budget dehydrator? I Nesco gets some pretty good ratings.


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    I don't have a low budget dehydrator as I saved up and purchased an Excalibur since I have been making much pemmican lately. There are some instructions for making your own homemade version if you want to take the time to google them, Rex Looker comes to mind.
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    I have had a Nesco for a few years. It has been used 95% of the time to make jerky. I have also done some veggie chips in it before, and maybe eons ago some dried fruits. It has done all of these items no problem. I would like to buy additional trays for it, it only came with 4 and I could use another set.....funny though, they are about half the cost of the dehydrator itself!

    It does not have a 'timer' on it, so I bought one of those auto shut off clocks you can plug into your lights like when you are on vacation, that works perfect to shut it off say in the middle of the night or when we are not home.

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    I also have an Excalibur. I think it's worth the cash. You might check out Craig's List - I've seen them listed for $50 before, but they go super fast!

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