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    Yeah, we love the banana and egg combination (1/2 ripe banana per egg), sometimes mixing in some cinnamon and vanilla. We refer to them as crepes now as well.

    They're especially kid friendly - spread some almond butter on top with either a bit of honey or homemade jam, fold in half, and kids eat them as a sandwich. They eat em like they're going out of style.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knifegill View Post
    Mash eggs and bananas 1 to 1, fry in pan. Adjust ratio to change consistency.
    This is by far the best way. Soooo much better then any other paleo pancake.

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    I used this recipe the other day and they turned out really nicely. Shredded some apple into the batter instead of using honey. These taste the most like traditional pancakes of all the recipes I have found.

    Silver Dollar Pancakes | Gluten Free Pancake Recipe - Elana's Pantry

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    QUOTE=primalgirl88;1395954]I know a lot of you don't "bake" and just eat the whole foods, etc. But for those of you who do paleo baking with almond flour and coconut flour and all that, what recipe do you use for pancakes? I have tried a bunch of different ones and they all taste dry and odd and just not even worth it. I know they won't taste exactly the same I'm just looking for a recipe that you have found that you liked. I have tried one with coconut flour and one with just eggs and bananas. Thank you in advanced! [/QUOTE]

    I came up with a recipe that started from Rivvin's microwave "bread" from this post:

    My pancake recipe:

    1/3 cup vanilla protein powder (adjust for desired batter consistency)
    2 T fat (coconut oil or butter)
    1 egg
    1tsp baking powder
    1T maple syrup

    Mix and cook like regular pancakes.

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    Thank you all for all the great ideas!! I will have to retry the banana/egg combination. If that doesn't work maybe I will just give up and do sausage and eggs instead. :P

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    I do one ripe banana, one egg, and one tablespoon of almond butter (not salted) per person. I fry them in coconut oil on low heat. I've added cinnamon, blueberries, butter, and a drizzle of real maple syrup (not all of these things at once, but you could). My whole family LOVES them! We had them for breakfast this morning
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    Mix a can of pumpkin, a few eggs, vanilla, and pumpkin pie spices. Cook in a mix of grass fed butter and coconut oil, top with butter and maple syrup.

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    Pancakes aren't ever the same when you make them paleo... Agree?
    My interesting paleo weight loss blog

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    The Paleo Spirit pancakes mentioned above are the closest I've ever had to "normal", though I actually prefer them. To be perfectly honest, if I ever completely quit with this Primal way of eating I would still eat these pancakes. They're so much better than plain old flour ones. Try them out.

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    I actually made these awesome cookies that could probably be made into pancakes as well: Gluten-Free: Not You Too Santa! - GiGi Eats Celebrities

    In fact, I really want to make them into pancakes because they are so good! Over the holidays I made them 3 days in a row! Even the pickiest, most unhealthy eater in the house LOVED THEM and requested them the following day!!

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