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Thread: Reverse Pyramid Training ( la Leangains): Anyone here doing it?

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    Reverse Pyramid Training ( la Leangains): Anyone here doing it?

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    If so, did you have good results with it?

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    You mean start with heaviest set right? Never did it with lean gains, but in past it has worked well for strength. I use to do 2, 4, 6, 8 sort of thing. I've also done the 8, 6, 4, 2.... I actually prefer the latter with slightly less weight these days for a lot of movements.

    Lol...I say these days.... don't take that too literal. I mean in the past several years. The past two years have been 1 set to failure with a weight I can hit 4-8 reps with and now I'm on a 1-2 month kettlebell kick to learn the movements then add them to an overall program.
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    Yes, the idea is that after some warmup sets you start with the heaviest set first (top set) and then decrease bar weight by 10% or so for each subsequent set as you fatigue, and increase the number of reps on those subsequent sets if you can.

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    ^I'm starting to develop a personal mantra in terms of exercise. I can maintain my strength and mass in a caloric deficit and sufficient protein doing a HIT protocol 1-2 times a week....In fact I would say that is optimal. Any more sets/time under load than that makes my appetite so strong that I'm almost guaranteed to gain mass.

    So to lose weight 1-2 sets to failure in the 4-8 range 1-2 times a week in the big five will suffice.

    To gain weight and mass more sets may or may not be necessary, but they sure as hell stimulate me to eat a ton more. So while that same protocol could work to gain mass, I'm just not hungry enough on it to "eat big" more sets at sub max/less than failure tends to help. This is where the pyramids work well for me.

    So that is my experience. Use it as you will.

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