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    Makes me think of the book "Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation".

    My wife is always finding spelling or punctuation errors in books, magazines, and web sites.
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    My favorite peeve is mute/moot.

    Seemingly well educated folks saying that "the point is mute". arghhh!
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    Their just sad that there dog got lose and ended up over they're. What a bunch of loosers!

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    What really gets my knickers in a twist is when people substitute "myself" for "me" or "I". Yes, it might sound classier, but damn it, it's wrong! I hear supposedly educated people on the radio doing this all the time.
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    Speaking of misspellings on fitness websites, these two are also way up there: weight (ie. "I weight 180 pounds") and breath (ie. "Don't forget to breath when you lift weights").

    Weigh and breathe, just in case...

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    Wow -- I'm gratified at the enthusiastic response to this.

    Other pet peeves:

    * At Whole Foods: "12 items or less". It's fewer goddammit!
    * On CSI and nigh on everywhere else: "I have a theory that <insert arbitrary assumption here>". Repeat after me: hypothesis.
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    Groquette, I'm not gonna touch that with the entire Warsaw basketball team (a whole bunch of 10' Poles.) With the environment I work in, so many people can't seem to form a full sentence, yet think they're god(dess)(e)(s)'s gift to engineering and their word is law. Hydraulics are not just something in the low rider car, hydrology is not a made- up word, and civil engineering doesn't mean I need to stay polite. /rant
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    How about IRREGARDLESS???? Seriously, WTF does regardless mean if irregardless is a word?

    I mix up words all the time lately. I think it has to do with hanging out with little twin boys all the time. I'm lucky to change my verb tense.

    Lately I rely on little tricks to remember things, (Like I can't hEAR you!, move that over tHERE) and hate it when I can't remember the trick... So if you have one for since and sense, please share it with me... 'cause I screw that up ALL the time!!!!!

    I'll just apologize for typing the way I talk. With almost total disregard for punctuation.

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    One I can't stand is using "weary" instead of "wary."

    Misplaced commas (and other punctuation, but commas are the most prevalent) on signage really piss me off too.

    Email composed in text-speak is quite rude, especially in a business environment (and, unfortunately, becoming more common with people and their blackberries). If I give you the courtesy of full sentences and proper English, I expect to be repaid in kind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tooround View Post
    Oy. That one really bothers me for some reason.

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