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Thread: Self Defense Question

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    A lot of Krav Maga that is being taught in many places is bogus, ill-trained garbage in my opinion. The worst kind of training is false training, where you have just enough confidence to stick around, not enough skill to avoid a hospital visit.

    If you goal is purely to avoid getting jumped or beaten up, then learning grappling techniques will not help you. Either go all the way with the training or keep it very basic.

    I learned what I know from spending a lot of time on military bases, but my father gave me the best advice:
    "Son, remember: no one wants to mess with a crazy person.....doesn't matter how small or he is or how old. No one wants to fight that guy that will gouge your eyes out or try to bite your fingers off."

    One of the few times self-defense ever came into play was when I was a bartender, right before I went to school for a season. A guy got all tough at the end of the night with his buddies around, pretty much hinted him and 4 other guys were about to jump the bar....then my dad's advice came to mind.

    I said something like this, mixed with a lot of F-bombs, "Please jump over this bar. They know me pretty well in the jail here and I want to bite one of your f-ing noses off. PLEASE COME OVER!" I had my eyes wide as they could get, started jumping up and down like a rapid monkey, punching myself in the head, repeating "Let me kill one of you MF's! WHOO!!!!"

    They got the hell out of there, plus I attracted the attention of every person/bouncer in the bar.

    See, this kind of thing doesn't get taught at Karate class
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    Best martial art for self-defense? Probably sprinting – run away from any unclear situation fast as hell! Use boxing, strike with your hands to keep attackers at distance, don‘t kick, use legs to keep yourself running! If somebody manage to grab you, use Judo and throw the attacker on his head or on his back and get away. If you have to go to the ground finish your opponent as fast as possible and run away. Most important; get away from the situation, don’t play a hero...

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    Real life fights are pretty anti-climactic. My One Fight: *bloody nose* "That was it?? I won???"

    Later in life I used a 1970's woman's self defense course move to get out of a double wrist hold. We both stared at each other, and I could see the wheels turning in his head, "Uh-oh, maybe I better not mess with this one!"

    For all the smack Krav Maga gets (usually by people who haven't taken a course yet), it does teach you to be aware of your surroundings, run, and get out of the situation before using any physical techniques. It's something. The rest of my education came from NPR (!), my friends' grandfather's WW2 stories (how to bite an ear off), an Italian neighbor (how to dislocate a jaw), and other Urban Legends.

    If you take away one thing from any self defense lesson from any tradition, it's *something* if you find yourself in a situation you can't run away from.

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    Running away is the best option. ... Unless you're with someone.

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    Applegate and Fairbairn had some pretty good things to say about it, as well. I consider it to be a secondary source to physical training, but it's a good distillation.


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    Quote Originally Posted by sbhikes View Post
    Honestly I think the best fighting/self-defense training is good old-fashioned boxing.
    Other than that, I would choose Judo or Krav Maga

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    Krav risks becoming the new taekwondo. You can't fling a cat in a strip mall without hitting a TKD school (disclaimer: I have red belt in tkd). I've trained in self defense systems. I think jujitsu is a good base art. What I don't like about jujitsu and judo is they train barefoot in a gi. That's not real world, and the gi, in training, is used as grab leverage against the opponent. Grabbing a t-shirt isn't the same. And it's usually a one on one training, ignoring multiple opponents. But you can't always choose exactly what you want. Kickboxing and Thia box on top of jujitsu.

    8 weeks of training is not enough time. With only that much time to spend you're probably better off stripping the training down to just boxing. There needs to be some in-the-ring (whether judo, jujitsu, Thai, TKD, etc.) mixing it up to develop the self confident belief that he could use whatever it is in a fight and know his limitations.

    If he's not very athletic to begin with learning a MA isn't going to be much help against a more athletic opponent. You'd be better off spending the money on a good weight trainer and get him started on beefing up first. Just my opinion.
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    Systema! Russian Krav Maga.. Used by Spetznaz so you know it's brutal!

    and failing that, teach him sprint training.. If he cant disarm or physically defend himself, at least get him good at running in the other direction!

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