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Thread: Weekend BBQ appreciation

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    Now that it's summer I think most of us can agree that one of the best parts of this time of year is the weekend BBQ/parties with friends.

    Since I've only been primal a short time (about 6 months), I recently discovered that they are the perfect place for the primal and non-primal worlds to collide since we can all (for the most part) eat from the same trough of grilled items. Just avoid the buns, chips, and if hot dogs are your thing, get the right ones.

    You can even whip up some homemade guacamole for your burger that you can share with the chip eaters.

    You don't have to do much work if you wish to remain low key and not have to explain to tons of people why you don't eat certain things since the only obvious different thing you're doing is eating burgers and hot dogs without buns.

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    ahh yes, but then there's always the problem of everything being slathered in BBQ sauce

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    We hosted a bbq and I was at a loss for a dessert that the non-primal folks would be salivating over and that DH and I could actually eat. I ended up cutting up a massive bowl of strawberries and whipping some cream without sweetener. No one even noticed the lack of sweetener . cream is just that good . When I served it everyone was lined up and so excited for such a "decadent treat", lol . . . people think cream is such a treat

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    I was thinking about doing something like that for dessert. My mom already has an apple pie and strawberry shortcake, and I wanted to have my own dessert that would leave everybody else drooling. I think I'm going to lightly grill some peaches and top them with homemade whipped cream, maybe some blackberries and raspberries on the side.

    Viva la Grok!

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    At today's bbq, I made coleslaw two ways and everyone was raving over the dressings. One was a simple champagne vinegar dressing, and the other was made with avocado oil mayo I made yesterday, zinged up with some mustard, lemon, celery salt and a tsp of honey. It rocked!!!

    As well as the brined bone in skin on chicken thighs, I grilled some bacon wrapped jalapenos (stuffed with cream cheese).

    Dessert was grilled pineapple, and chocolate dipped strawberries.
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    Oooh grilled pineapple, always a fave, I did this one this weekend. Unfortunately I went to the BBQ hungry and as hubby took so long to burn the first of my homemade burgers ...I ate a handful of Nachos that a friend had brought, followed by a handful of Pringles......I am SOOOO crap at being good when hungry
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