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Thread: Can't stop eating

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    Can't stop eating

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    I just can't stop eating- yes I ate the devils food sugar & I am paying the price - I can't stop eating any tips before I can't through my front door please ...... X

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    Relax. Go through that door and take a long quiet walk.
    Somedays you'll eat more, somedays less. It will be ok.
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    The walk is a good way to short circuit what your brain is doing to you. If you still want to only eat when you get back, eat meat, eggs, and liver. If you have any crap food in the house, shred it and toss it in the garbage, or better yet, a dumpster.

    IOW, give yourself permission to eat, but not permission to eat crap.

    Good luck.
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    Lol I understand you. Now and then I feel this way, but it's not about how much you eat. It's about what you eat,so all you gotta do is be careful when choosing what you're gonna use to kill your hunger. But if there's something I've learned from yesterday, it is that forgetting about eating right won't kill you , of course, if it's only for a little while and if it doesn't happen frequently.

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    Eat cheese if you have available. From my experience the food that makes hunger go away fastest.
    Or otherwise eats lots of healthy stuff like eggs or yogurth that should do the trick also.

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    Joanie is right (as usual).Get out of the house, come back and eat meat, eggs and liver. Especially liver. It cures cravings.

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    Give in to the dark side until you go up one pant size. Then you will be ready.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoanieL View Post
    ...give yourself permission to eat, but not permission to eat crap.
    Love this - great words to live by

    Before you head out for that walk, gather up all the junk in the house and take it all out to the trash on the way out.

    When you get back, eat until you can't anymore, but meat, eggs, veg of all kinds, some fruit. I would skip the cheese, only because it's so calorically dense. Seriously, stuff yourself. You'll get over it in a few days and can get back to eating more reasonable amounts of the same good for you foods.

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    No way going up a pant size..... Crap that's what I am trying to stop!!!!

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    Great advice from everyone. I have had the same problem for the last few days. Have eaten a lot. No crap, but a lot of eggs, meat, apples, blackberries w/cream, homemade beef jerky, mashed potatoes. Stuffed myself.

    Luckily today I got up with lots of energy and have been busy working around the house, making a huge pot of turkey soup from the leftover turkey we smoked yesterday, cleaned out the car, laundry. Just going and going. Haven't eaten much today with being so busy.

    Feels good to be eating normal again. Tomorrow I go back to work after the xmas/new years break and I am so excited about that. FINALLY something to do!
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