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    I for one, cannot stop eating roasted butternut squash with cinnamon!

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    Fastest way for me to get past the "starvies" is meat, eggs and some fat, with greens for bulk. Not instant but by tomorrow, much better!

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    Me thinks you may have parasites stealing the nutrition forcing you to eat more to make up for it. Just a theory but check it out.You may also have a mal absorption issue in the small intestines created by the parasites. Check for swollen tongue or white tongue.

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    I just give myself one cheat meal a week...A BIG ONE! I eat goat cheese (or even cow cheese if i'm feeling it!), get a beer, have a big bowl of Japanese white rice, and some naughty sweets to round it out! And then it's over, and I'm all set for the next week.

    So just eat your crap then, and eat out if possible so that it's easier not to carry bad foods home with you. So after the epic cheat meal is done, make sure that no non-primal crap food is left inside of your house, and then if you still can't resist over indulging, you'll at least be eating better quality food.

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    If possible, wait until you haven't eaten for a few hours (drink water or tea to acheive this - anything to break the cycle), then, cook a very nutritious meal of any combination of good meats or fish, with veggies. Be generous - eat as much of it as you want. Eat an entire chicken or something.

    Then repeat.

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