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    paleo and pancreas

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    Hello. I have a friend who's pancreas has apparently packed up. He has had pancreatitis for some time and it seems to have worsened. I saw him and his wife last night and was about to suggest they adopt the paleo system of eating but then thought it would be best to ask on here if anyone had any solid info about how successful this diet would be in view of a non-funtioning pancreas?

    I am sure it would help his diabetes, but I don't know the ramifications of a failed pancreas? Any advice very welcome!

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    He probably needs to take extra digestive enzymes, since I believe the pancreas creates them. Very low carb would make sense for diabetes, there is a book on it by Dr. Goldstein.

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    I didn't think a full-on paleo diet would work with pancreantitis, given their difficulty to digest fats... My brother also suffers from this disorder:

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