Hi. I eliminated all carbs about 4 days ago and now only eat meat, fat/saturated oils (coconut/red palm oil) and cooked veggies. I've been eating about 3 -4 tsps. of these oils everyday along with what is cooked in my foods ? Is this too much ? Am I going too quickly ? I started to develop a slight headache the 1st day or so and then I was dizzy. But yesterday my heart started to race a bit and near the evening it was worse at 91 and it didn't calm down all night. I could not therefore sleep. I also got sooo hot, and then the next minute I got soo cold. I felt very hyper.

I checked my blood pressure and blood sugar last night and they were within good range. My pulse was actually good before I went to bed but I woke up a couple hours after I fell asleep with my heart pounding and racing and sweating. This morning I checked the same vitals and they are within range .

Can someone please explain what is happening to me? Is this my liver or what ? Should I be concerned ?

Thankyou in advance!