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Thread: hot dog ideas...

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    hot dog ideas...

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    I found these grass fed beef hot dogs at my grass fed butcher. I would like to incorporate them into my life because they taste pretty good and are 80% fat (my bacon is only 70% fat). They're a little salty when I tried them alone with a bit of mustard (the nature of the hot dog, I guess)...

    so does anyone have any ideas for a hot dog salad of sorts... or any hot dog recipe?

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    I posted this on my blog last week:

    Combo of hotdogs, bacon, and even cheese if you like. They were quite tasty

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    I use romaine lettuce for a bun. Sour Kraut and mustard is good. Grilled onions and peppers is good. Bacon and smoky cheddar is good. Slice up in chili they make an interesting replacement for beans... similar texture. Chili dogs are good.

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    I eschew hot dogs. After everything of any value has been extracted from the animal, they make hot dogs. Poison in a tube.

    Naturally stuffed chitterlings would be more primal and possibly less injurious.
    -----Think a while about what a naturally stuffed chitterling would be.

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    FWIW, Whole Foods now sells a grassfed dog (Applegate Farms, I believe). Pretty tasty (and pricey).

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