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Thread: Mixing many veggies - or just eg one veggie per meal?

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    Mixing many veggies - or just eg one veggie per meal?

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    hi there

    but still:

    i mostly cook some meat and just put vegetables with it. Till now i had mostly like 5 different veggies per meal, just throw them to the meat.

    now i am thinking

    what you think is better:
    monday: steak + carrotes
    tuesday: steak + tomatoes
    wednesday: steak + some other veggi

    monday: steak + carrotes, tomatoes and other veggies
    tuesday and wednesday: the same

    you think it's healthier to go large amounts of eg one or two veggies at one meal (better digestion?) or 'all the different veggies' (of course smaller amounts) every day


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    I think it's best to do what tastes best

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    keep it varied and do what works for you. dont go outta your way to eat veggies you dont like. go the the farmers market, eat whats in season. use veggies to season your meat if you like.

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