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    What did I do wrong ?

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    I tried NO wheat diet for five weeks, I increased meat consumption,added cheese, nuts and coconut oil to my diet, added some more vegetables .I had my cholesterol level checked, and it went UP from 290 mg/dl, (HDL92 , LDL=92,TRI=96,non LDL cholesterol=198) to 328mg/dl (HDL=100,LDL220, TRI =42mg/dl,non LDL 228) I am 5.4″ tall,wt= 126 Ib , BMI=22, with 30 % fat. I do exercise at least 3x/wk and walk about 4.5 miles /day at work (nurse ) I gained about 1lb. To much cheese ???. PLS HELP! Thanks -

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    It's the coconut oil. My LDL dropped from 275 down to 165 when I cut it out. Also, eat more meat for satiety, cut out the nuts and coconut oil entirely for now. A little cheese should be fine as a garnish, just don't go inhaling a block a day.

    At 5'4" you can easily start your meals with a good 10 ounces of meat, then sides of veggies, ferments, some fruits, etc. I highly recommend a "steak and eggs" style for rapid loss, but with occasional starchy root tuber supplementation to keep your gut flora healthy.

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    I'm no expert, but from what I've read/seen, imho your HDL is excellent, as are your trigs.

    Your LDL appears to be calculated (rather than actually measured), which is apparently standard practice for initial blood lipid panels as it's cheaper.

    It also looks like they've used the Friedewald calculation, which is flawed as it is thrown out by trigs under 100. This formula would calculate your LDL as 219.6 (look familiar?).

    Here's a handy calculator that shows what your calculated ldl should be using the more accurate Iranian formula. This formula gives you a calculated LDL of 168.8 :-)
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    I'm with Knifegill I too have cut out Coconut oil as well. My LDL was 179 and I decided to cut CO... I will retest in a few months for comparison

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