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Thread: Primal Newbie Ben-Jam-In

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    Dec 2013

    Primal Newbie Ben-Jam-In

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    Location: DC/Maryland (currently spending time in South Florida)

    Age: 60

    How Primal: over 80% (has been over 10 weeks )

    Dairy intake: less and less but I still have a 4oz "baby" yogurt a few times a week.
    The good news is, I switched from none fat to whole, it's still hard for me
    to do, having been fanatical about eating only none fat for so many

    Coffee: Small cup every morning.
    Green tea, maybe twice a week in the evening.

    Motivation: I was on Esselstyn (about 80%) Esselstyn being the polar opposite
    of the "primal" diet, for a year or so, just wasn't doing anything for me
    never felt right. I had a foot problem a few months ago and gained lots of
    weight quickly. I was desperate. I ran into someone in their 70's
    (not a "caveman")
    who had just lost lots of weight, and I asked them how did they did it, was
    told they just eliminated, breads from their diet.
    I was a bread eating machine, bagels, Pita , Ezekiel bread
    small pizza twice a week, ALL no fat or very low fat, everything whole wheat of
    course, whole wheat pasta as well, and loved my hummus.
    (BTW just had some Tahini last night, carbs are fairly low)

    Five weeks into my no bread diet, while doing some googling I found articles on
    Paleo diet, following some links found Marks Daily Apple. Went out and
    bought The Primal Blueprint, for over 5 weeks now I'm following Mark's
    suggestions, that is minimize consumption of all grains, high quality fats.
    Also Squats, and Planks, (never heard of Planks before the book)

    Favorite exercise: Was Walking, still like it, but since I got down to South Florida
    2 months ago , I re-discovered swimming after 40 years,
    really enjoying it. Just finished a half mile SLOW swim, in a pool.

    Favorite primal food: the one food I've been avoiding like the plague for 15 years.
    Eggs! the Yoke that is, I now have a hard boiled egg most days.
    It's just so satisfying. (one of my favorite meals, half a can of
    Alaskan wild salmon, quarter of an avocado and a hard boil egg.
    If it looks dry add coconut oil.
    I don't think about food again for hours. Who would have thunk
    that eating fat NOT eliminating fat was the key to losing weight,
    and the path to good health (I'm betting, so far so good).
    Well better late then never.

    Best of part of being primal: There are so many but if I have to pick one,
    would have to be the weight loss.
    how sweet it is. I have not been at this weight, can this be
    true, 40 years.

    Worse part. It's a tie, for over 10 years I've been eating oatmeal every morning.
    No sugar old style (I added stuff). But after reading Mark's column on
    he trying understand us oatmeal lovers, I gave up oatmeal.
    (Not sure what did it in his column)
    The good news is I miss it less and less. But what I still salivate at is
    pizza, I doubt this will ever end. I have snuck in a bite or two in the last 10
    weeks. Just realized it's getting closer to 12 weeks.

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    Hey Ben (or do you prefer Benjamin?)!

    I've recently relocated to MD (MoCo) from NC, and hoping to find some good sources for buying good meat, eggs, etc. Have you looked into stuff like that yet? When you're not lazing on the beach in FL, whereabouts are you, and where have you been shopping? I have a big freezer and had sources in NC for half a cow, that sort of thing. Up here in the hyper regulated DC area however I haven't found anything but uber expensive bits and pieces.

    Also, welcome to the forums.
    "If man made it, don't eat it." ..Jack LaLanne
    "It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are.
    If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong." ..Richard Feynman

    beachrat's new primal journal

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    Hi Beachrat,

    Ben is good.

    Thanks for the welcome Nice to be here.

    Welcome to Maryland. I live in the Rockville/Bethesda area.
    355, Rockville Pike is the main road.

    Hate to admit it, but I do spend (probably waste) the extra money at
    either Trader Joe's or worse, shatter, Whole Foods.

    I do salad bars. Think I have had more salads in the last 3 months then in the
    last 3 years

    I don't know if I'm redefining the word salad, but whatever veggies I have left over I
    throw them into a bowl, sometimes an avocado (dang they're expensive) and a protein. I just discovered canned Wild Alaskan Salmon and Wild canned tuna.
    Sometimes I have this 3 times a day. Doesn't seem to bore me. (so far)

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    Ha ha! Me too!
    I can eat salads w canned salmon and/or avocado all day and still love them!!!
    I don't have any decent salad bars near me but I just toss veggies, olive oil w sea salt, salmon (or tuna) and avocado and mix it together while out.....yummy!!!!

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    Ben, if you're still in FL, Publix has FL avocados (conventional) 2 for $4 right now. They are pretty fresh & tasty. Plus they're huge so I usually have enough for a few salads
    As a former CA girl who loved Hass, I'm now a FL avo convert!

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    Hi Kmarie!

    At Whole Foods I think I just paid the same price and they were
    Organic. Sometimes I wonder if I get suckered in by "organic".
    "Mexican Organic Avocados" oh well, sucker born every minute

    I did have bad experience at Publix with Sushi.
    Well, probably not bright of me to get Sushi at Publix but I had to try
    them out, took one bite and into the trash they went.
    By the Way, Whole Foods in Boca has fantastic Sushi. (and they charge you for it)
    As I morph into a Primal state , I'm switching from Rolls and Sushi to Sashimi.
    Does make me feel like a caveman (beating chest)

    Where in Florida are you, I'm in the Delray Boca area. Many salad bars
    around here, seems like you can have a different salad bar everyday of the month.

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    I've been to the Boca store, it's huge!
    I'm north a few hours, near Cocoa Beach. We used to have a Wild Oats but when WF bought them out they closed our location;(
    The only WF close is in the Orlando area, over an hr away.
    I do the same w Organic. If it's more local and something I don't eat the skin, I'll choose conventional. If lettuce or berries, I try to always get organic.

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    I wish I lived where you live... sigh! welcome to the boards.

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    Hi K,

    Be sure to make Romaine Lettuce not Iceberg

    Hi Jay

    thanks for the welcome. I'm just in South Florida for a couple of months.
    Will be heading back to Maryland DC area, in another few weeks.
    Shame, tough to walk bare footed in a foot of snow and 22 degrees
    wonder what Mark would suggest, maybe walk on the treadmill in bare feet
    I bet that's the reason Primal man invented shoes, snow!


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    I don't do iceberg either.
    I like romaine but I really love the California Girl Organic Super Greens. That one I eat out of the clam shell like a treat. It's mixed and there are do many good & different tastes & textures....yummy!!!!
    I just had my signature salad....can you guess what? Greens w fish (Tuna this time) and, of course, the must have avocado
    I dressed it w a squeeze of lemon and a good dose of EVOO followed by sea salt & pepper.
    I had a great primal BF & lunch today, but have to admit to overdoing the dark chocolate earlier today (and the last 2 days). We were gifted the most awesome organic, fair-trade dark chocolates (theo & Salazan, I hadn't had either before)
    and it was too hard to not have a little more!!!!
    Florida is a great place for being barefoot & getting daily D. This time of year it's an awesome place to be, but ask me that in the summer and I'll have a totally different answer.

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