Three years ago I went paleo. Diet + walking more than an hour per day got me from 280 to 200. I ate lots of fruit and almond butter and the weight still pealed off.

Last April, I got a new job and also started eating some rice and potatoes. My weight went back up to 230.

Three weeks ago, I decided to go back to strict paleo. However, since I have had digestive issues the entire three years, I decided to add in raw potato starch in hopes of improving gut health.

I have not lost any weight in the three weeks since getting strict again and I am wondering if the resistant starch is impacting weight loss. I know it isn't supposed to, but my lack of weight loss says otherwise. Also, I am only walking about 30 minutes per day, fwiw.

This all might sound overly dramatic, but in the past, a few days of strict paleo would unload 5 pounds. Weighing 230 is seriously impacting my day. Tight work pants are horrible.