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Thread: Triathlon Training - running and Chronic Cardio?!

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    Triathlon Training - running and Chronic Cardio?!

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    Ok...So i have fallen off the PB wagon for about 6 months. Mostly because of starting back at full time uni, so the schedule got all messed up.(lame excuse I know). But I am back on it now as of one week ago.

    But I have always wanted to to a sprint triathlon. I am a swimmer and have become a biker. NOT a runner at all.
    I know that running to train for a 5 k-10 k run would be considered "chronic cardio" so how do i get away from that label yet still be able to achieve my running goals?

    Should I do more interval training? Lots of sprints?....Or just run and train if it is for only till June when the triathlon is?

    Any words of wisdom and thoughtful insight would be appreciated!

    Thank you

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    First thing is I wouldnt worry one second about the label. And I guess maybe some people have a different definition of chronic cardio. I see it as more like training for marathons, not a 5K or 10K. People have different training goals and training for and competing in sprint tri's is a great way to achieve and maintain a great level of fitness. And not near as boring as just running. I dont think chronic cardio is actually a "thing" anyway. I think Mark uses the term to explain what he was doing when we was a high level endurance athlete. I think he is talking more about taking things to an extreme. I dont think it should be a concern at all.

    At the same time, using intervals is a great method to include in your training. It is good for you and will improve your times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ddickson View Post
    I know that running to train for a 5 k-10 k run would be considered "chronic cardio" so how do i get away from that label yet still be able to achieve my running goals?
    By choosing which forum you post this question to you will get results that align with the selection bias of that group. If you had posted to the "PB for Athletes" forum you'd get an answer of "run and train". In this "PB Fitness" forum I'm surprised nobody has yet replied with the PB CW that running = chronic cardio = bad.

    My $0.02 worth: listen to your body, not to anyone in this forum (including me) and don't sweat anyone's "label". If you can run w/o pain or injury, do it. I've run 3-5 miles 3x/week for almost 40 years, and have absolutely no problems with my knees. It has really helped me to maximize cross-training as much as possible, which should be easy for you since you are training for a tri. Do throw sprints/intervals into the mix 2-3 times/week - you want to do a sprint tri, and as you know from your swimming that's the only way to build speed.

    If possible, get a knowledgeable person to look at your running form, as it makes a huge difference. Consider training with the 100 up.


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