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Thread: PCOS reading

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    I am not a troll, I am a woman with PCOS that is stating a FACT: There is no cure for PCOS.

    You are being dishonest by telling women that you have the magic cure for it. I find what you are doing very offensive and harmful.

    Some women living with PCOS, especially those dealing with infertility, are looking for anything to make things better. I went through more than 10 years of infertility treatment without success and I was willing to try anything to get pregnant. I am not telling them to not try increasing their intake of iodine, I am not telling them to do anything but be cautious with your flim flam advice. If they want to explore the use of iodine, they should but hopefully they will use the common sense that you do not appear to possess. I make sure that I have iodine rich food in my diet. I think we should use whole foods to get our nutrients when possible and supplement with the lowest dosages necessary when we can't get something from our diet.

    Iodine in excess is harmful. Iodine in proper doses is necessary for good health. There may be therapeutic doses in excess of what is considered normal that works for some people but care should be used in prescribing it to everyone for everything.

    I would not trust anyone, MD or not, that claimed to have a cure for PCOS without plenty of scientific research to support their cure. So yes, if the doctors you are referring to are saying that Iodine is a cure for PCOS, then they are frauds and liars. Simple as that.

    I hope that they do find a cure for PCOS or even figure out what causes it so no one has to go what I went through. Until you have something other than hokum, snake oil or a zealot's believe in the powers of the iodine god, maybe you should stop trying to actively harm people.

    And no, we can not agree to disagree because this is actual science, not a political debate. And I will continue to be "negative" when false information about PCOS is posted. Most people who have been around for a while know that Grizz is a filbert but I want new people to understand what he says is false.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grizz View Post
    There is nothing wrong with my link to testimonials. Here it is again:
    Click on the index to PCOS.

    I was actually looking at your various other testimonials for Iodine curing various ailments. As I said, you link to various MDA posts that do not actually say in any sense, "Iodine cured my [insert problem]". In fact, most are saying, "I'm trying iodine, here goes nothing!" but don't say it helped, one flat out says, "I am not a good example of how to use Iodine", and another has nothing to do with Iodine at all. You may want to review the links within the document for context. But that is a little off-topic.

    The ones under PCOS look like they link to posts that actually say iodine worked for the post in some respect, so that's good anyway.
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    You are not a doctor, so your never ending negativism is falling on deaf ears. I'm not wasting time with you. If you want advice on taking Iodine supplements I'll be happy to help. For those reading this thread, make up your own minds.There are 2 ways to treat iodine deficiency disease. The expensive way with drugs & surgery & the natural way with iodine supplements.

    Here is all the research with links to qualified doctors & testimonials:

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