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Thread: So I'm going to use some beans in chili. What kind? page

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    So I'm going to use some beans in chili. What kind?

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    Don't worry. My chili is loaded with grass-fed ground beef but I'm also going to throw some beans in there. I think in the past I've used kidney beans but I wasn't that into nutrition at the time. I'm thinking black beans but that's mostly reputation. I thought I'd run it by you guys. What say you?

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    Definitely black beans, get the real deal dried ones and soak them overnight if you have the time.

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    Pinto, black or even beluga or french green lentils.
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    Kidney is my vote. Soak them overnight. Cook them in a pressure cooker. But why? Beanless chili is soooo good. Beanless anything is so good. Beans taste like what I imagine socks taste like. Mushy flavorless crap.
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    I use a variety of beans - one type at a time though! Soaked about 48 hours and cooked until tender. I reckon that using a variety of types will give a range of minerals etc. Flageolet, kidney, black eye, cannellini, - there is a wide range!

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    Be sure to sprout them, if you can, as it'll help maximize nutrition.


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    Saw somewhere that the commercial pressure cooking of canned beans is more effective denaturing the bad stuff than soaking and cooking yourself. just rinse them very well. sounds plausible - don't know if its valid.

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    I would avoid kidney and, obviously, soy, since they seem to be the highest in lectins. I would do pinto and black as they tend to be the cleanest, and they taste great. I'd check this out:

    Whole Health Source: Beans, Lentils, and the Paleo Diet
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    The best beans I ever had were Tepary beans, brought over here by an American friend who got them from a local producer out in the desert. Impossible to get this side of the Atlantic (unless you pay ridiculous shipping fees...)

    I did save 4 or 5 from the bag and grew them, one grew about 2 feet tall and produced a flower before it realised it was growing on the cliffs looking over the North Sea towards Norway, and promptly died!

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    If you are adding beans, you are making stew, not chili. "Chili con Carne" = "Chili with Meat" Beans do not enter the equation.

    If I were making chili based stew I'd use pinto beans, or maybe black beans if you liked the texture better.

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