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    Question Should you eat dessert first?

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    THink it would kick start your insuline...wouldn't eat it first though.

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    Good restaurants here often have a local cheese selection as one of the dessert options.

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    I don't think a dessert would stimulate your appetite for real food. If anything, it would stimulate the appetite for more dessert.

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    Sugar makes you hungrier for more sugar, and also more of everything.

    I'd just not eat desert, it doesn't serve any purpose.

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    Why would you want to trick your body in to overeating? Are you underweight?
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    What kind of restaurant are we talking about? If it's fine dining, then no, save dessert for last, if you have room. If it's not fine dining, then no, just get the pork chops or bone-in steak (as long as there's a bone, you know it's not meat-glue) and save dessert for last and share it with the whole table because it's probably just something disappointing like mud pie or whatever. If it's fast food, WTF dude?
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    Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.

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    why are you needing to stimulate your appetite when you go out to eat? are you not hungry?
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    Quote Originally Posted by venfayon View Post
    I was just thinking because most restaurants give you too big of portions that desert first would help not have the doggie bag.
    My husband I usually split our restaurant meals. Otherwise, I'd just eat half and take the rest home. Not sure why overeating is better than taking the food home and having it later, especially if you aren't actively trying to gain weight. If nothing else, it's more cost effective.
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