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    Definitely worth examining, not a petty point at all. I think we're wired to bond over shared meals which is one of the top reasons I'm angry with the processed food system. I had one partner who was very sweet but my bizarro nemesis foodwise:

    - spontaneous urges for expensive takeout several times a week
    - never sat down for a meal, preferred to carry snacks into car, TV room, etc.
    - offered me half of every snack, felt judged if I declined
    - half of every grocery load was cumbersome beverages--milk, juice, beer

    I'm positive there's someone for whom the above traits would be groovy but it's not me.

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    I'm not that bothered about my partners eating habits unless I thought they were suffering for it, or it make eating awkward. If they want to eat wheat, etc thats fine. - Gaming, Food Reviews and Life in Singapore

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Anthony View Post
    Vegan is a deal-breaker.

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    Ditto x 1 million! ;-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by RichMahogany View Post
    To me, it matters. It matters if the person cares about taking care of themselves, and if they think I'm ridiculous for eating the way I do or have no interest in learning from me, I probably don't see them as a long-term candidate for success. But early in the relationship, I don't care, keep it light, and joke around about it rather than being pushy, and usually they end up coming to me and at least making some adjustments that suit their preferences and beliefs.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Anthony View Post
    Vegan is a deal-breaker.

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    I feel like 'I'm dealing with this'. My husband is a wonderful man, but he doesn't share my concerns about 'normal eating' (not quite SAD but close to it) as I do. He thinks anything organic is basically made to be laughed at and doesn't see the point at all.

    He has been away for the past 3 months, a time during which I went from '20 % primal - 80 % 'normal'' (because I lived with my in-laws, and now have moved out to live on our own) to pretty much 98-ish % primal.

    After three weeks I'm at about 60-70% primal (I now include rice (which I didn't before) and my variety in meals has declined because of his preferences).

    I think I have to find a way to be more creative with what he does like (and is primal) or maybe decided to cook separately several times a week, because I'm starting to realise it's making me resentful toward him, which I definitely do not want to be.

    I think food is important (very important). But it's important to me. And while I'd love for him to join me in my way of eating, I don't think it's realistic at this point (possibly not ever) and our relationship is more important to me than being able to share (literally) what's on our plate every day.

    But the practical side of things? I have been eating a lot more sugar lately and I feel limited in the meals I can cook for us to enjoy together... It's not easy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liquid Gusto View Post
    consider someone who eats the food pyramid to a tee, limits processed foods, limits sugar, and truly believes their diet is ideal despite exhibiting medical signs to the contrary (but does not push this diet onto you)[/URL]
    This is my situation right here. It has gotten less annoying over time. I chip away at it little by little on two fronts:
    1. I send along links to interesting articles/studies if they appear in publications that he respects. Additionally I have a friend who can discuss this stuff with me with equal fervor right in front of him, making him seem like he's the one who's not as knowledgeable. Both of these things I do very rarely.
    2. I cook delicious meals that are both low or moderate in fat but highly decadent, such as perfect steaks or simple meals that are light and healthy with steamed veggies. Nothing I make ever swims in bacon fat. I like to declare that this is mediterranean food from <insert some mediterranean region here>.

    The one worry I have is that his clinging to so much bread and processed food with all his complaints about joint pain, brain fog, poop and sleep problems and whatever else, that I'm going to end up with some Alzheimer's riddled old man who shuffles around and needs his butt wiped. I am not up for that, I'm sorry. But I've made a small dent. I haven't seen the pound of M&Ms eaten in a while. I haven't seen the huge bags of Doritos in a long time. He doesn't get mad at me as much when I send a link to something.
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    Dealing with this... I'm only 6 months into Primal but it makes so much sense, we are basically a gluten free household. My husband doesn't quite understand my fervor for organic and no refined sugar, but if we go out, he likes to make sure I have options before we go. I just mention often how good I feel. And for dinners he has an option for pasta/tortilla/bread but most times I just don't include it and he doesn't ask. I DID go out of town over Thanksgiving and came back to chips, Poptarts, cheesecrackers, and Nutrigrain bars in the pantry....but he normally doesn't ask for them when I ask what he wants from the store.

    I don't know how I would have dealt with this if we had just started dating. I have concerns for his health but if he doesn't want to read the literature or take an interest in what I'm trying to do, then there's not much I can do other than keep on keepin on, and let him know how bad wheat is for him.

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    I care. I can't help it. I have the best husband in the world, and I don't want to lose him. If I didn't like him so much, maybe I'd care less. I never cared before. Thankfully, I prepare ALL the meals in the house and he LOVES my cooking. I can adapt a low carb Primal meal to him just by adding some rice or potato. He is lean and very leptin sensitive, so he needs to eat more and eat higher carb anyway - but he lets me choose the carbs. He does not need or want wheat or seed oils. Now, he DOES have a sweet tooth, so he has a bit of maple syrup in the fridge and honey in the cupboard, for using with yogurt. I can live with that. If he didn't cut the grains and seed oils completely, it would break my heart.
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    I tend to not be attracted to women that don't care for their bodies.....I don't really care HOW they do it, as most of this will usually come down after some time with me, so long as the strong motivation is there.

    Looks will fade over time. It is inevitable for men or women....but give me someone that works like hell to take care of themselves and you will always have the best catch in the place. A lot of women look good at 21. A woman that works to look good at 41 is the one you want
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    My wife was just "along for the ride" at first, we didn't keep gluten etc in the house, and she was okay with that. Now, she is 100% in with me, she lost some weight and feels like a whole new person. so, it works.

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