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    Canned Norwegian Cod Livers

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    I saw these in the grocery store a couple days ago and I was a little intrigued. The only ingredients were cod livers and salt. I have read lots about the benefits of both liver and cod liver oil; and this seems to combine the two. The thing I am worried about is that the taste and smell will be absolutely disgusting! So my question is should I buy a can and try it?

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    I've had these. Have you ever had ankimo (monkfish liver) at a sushi place? That is the closest thing. I happen to like them, they are very rich and more like an accompaniment to a meal. Good with radishes.

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    I'd buy them!
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    On this site: it seems that some (all?) cod livers have the cod liver oil extracted, so it might not contain the benefits of clo (like vits A and D). I know nothing about this but found this site in a google search...

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