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Thread: Ramblings of a primal and slightly OCD eater!

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    It's so easy to forget to update this thing! Hope everyone had a good Christmas, it seemed to be over in the blink of an eye for me. Just finished reading Perfect Health Diet which was really good. Still sticking pretty much with the same diet except I've started adding more portions of buttery mashed potato to my evening meal. Just got my cholesterol results back from the GP, and I'm massively disappointed that they measured Total Cholesterol - and thats it! Anyway, it came out 4.8 mmol/l which translates to about 185 mg/dl. Without HDL and Tryglycerides readings, it doesn't mean an awful lot to me though.

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    Aww thats disappointing about the test results! If you request it will they test everything next time?
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