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Thread: Will intermittent fasting help my binge problem?

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    Will intermittent fasting help my binge problem?

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    I'm new to this so if im posting in the wrong area or if there's already been an answer
    to my question, I apologize in advance.
    I just started my 6th week of paleo, I still feel a little tired with the occasional headache
    In the morning, but I guess that's the low iodine. I'm leaning out bit by bit, and I now
    know stuff like: dairy makes me constipated, and potatoes make me sleepy.
    Back to the point: I have a binging problem. Pre-paleo, I'd eat alot of sugar, like juices, fruit
    multiple chocolate bars in one day. Now that I've gone paleo, I've started binging on paleo foods.
    Nuts, fruit, and dates. The latter being my worst problem.
    I've tried going cold turkey, taking baby steps, and doing that 'if I accomplish going the entire day
    without a binge, then I'll reward myself 1 date' experiment, but none of these had worked. And I can't get
    rid of all the dates because we're half arab, and dates are everywhere. So I thought I'd try fasting.
    But I've read alot on how fasting can be harmful to women fertility wise and I've already missed my period
    this month. I fasted today (16/8) and I feel pretty much better than yesterday, but I dont wanna be hurting
    myself without realizing it.
    So is there anyone out there who has safely gone through fasting to help out a binging problem?
    Female, 18, 114 pounds, 162 cm.

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    Eating craptons of meat and liver cured my "binges".
    Steak, eggs, potatoes - fruits, nuts, berries and forage. Coconut milk and potent herbs and spices. Tea instead of coffee now and teeny amounts of kelp daily. Let's see how this does! Not really had dairy much, and gut seems better for it.

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    Why do you think it's low iodine? Have you had your levels tested by a doctor?

    Your headaches are likely due to under-eating, dehydration, imbalanced electrolytes, or a combination of all of the above.

    My guess is you are not eating enough (or at least maybe not enough protein). Can you describe your average daily meals/meal plan to us?

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    I am a former binge eater. Dropping my carbs to 80g per day and I haven't binged since. I will start craving and binging at about 120g of carbs per day. I am extremely fertile! We "tried" once for each of our two children. Seriously. This diet will only make you more fertile!
    I'm a 5'-6" tall female.

    SW: 212.4 lbs. February 14, 2013 (My second baby was born)
    CW:166.4 lbs.
    GW: 143 lbs.

    Just keep going.

    New goal:

    Get back to 80-90% Primal and back down to my lowest recent weight of 158 lbs. while doing as much moving and strength training as I can get in.

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    I agree with nameless. You are a very small, very young,woman. If previously was in your earlier teens, and you have these eating issues, you were probably simply hungry because you needed food.

    I would suggest going to one of the free calorie counter sites and finding what is the minimum calories suggested for a woman your size, and then make sure you eat AT LEAST that many calories EVERY DAY.

    After that comes the issues of adjusting your macros and you can be as obsessed as you want about what you eat. But lets try not to be obsessed about how much you eat when there may be a little bit of a problem there.
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    you're young and small. can i assume you are not trying to lose weight? missing a period at your size could mean amenorrhea, and that often comes from being underweight and underfed. THAT will impact your fertility for certain.

    make sure you are eating enough, especially protein. it's the most sating of the macros, so don't skimp. if i'm short on it for too long, i get cravings for sugary things. eat real food for this: eggs, meat, fish.
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    See a psychiatrist. I'm trying to sound like an asshole but if you're binging then you need to find the underlying cause and it's most likely not food related. Everyone will have a different idea of what it "might" be but more than likely this will fill you more questions and concerns than any real fixes. Everyone will have good advice but again until you figure why you're binging you won't see how the advice will work best for you.

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    My first question is whether you are getting enough calories to start with -- that often stops binging.

    From there -- and once you get your period back -- then you might consider IF with a wider window than the average guy (like, 10 hrs instead of 8).

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    I do not really believe that it is the fasting per se that has been giving some of the results, mostly anecdotal, of some women borrow a tech phrase that Durant uses, "It's not a bug. It's a feature"

    Women are hard-wired to attempt reproduction only when there is adequate food and lack of excessive energy loss. It is very expensive, metabolically and reproductive wise, to produce an egg. In cases of famine or extreme energy expenditure (migration), it would be a bad idea to get extra humans to feed. If cals are cut abruptly, as many women do in IF (men tend to CRUSH food when the fast ends to a degree women will not), menstrual disruption can occur. Same goes for women that run 20 miles a day to train and losing their periods. You say "training", your primitive brains hears "migration. Food is poor here." I believe women are full of these nuances, from morning sickness to the Super Woman ability just after birth.....a woman I see reported sleeping 4 hours a night and feeling fine.

    My point is that IF is unnecessary unless you are deliberately cutting. Seeing as your height and weight (which I understand have limited value, only pictures would tell the real story) are such that most women would love to have, I doubt that is your goal. For a lot of people, a "binge" is what happens when they are trying to calorie cut too harshly and the body is rebelling.

    A "binge" can mean a lot of things to different people. For me and many others, that is a little too much fruit (I ate 14 peaches in one sitting this summer!) or perhaps some forbidden ice cream. In others and in psychological terms, it is a pathological issue that has about 99% to do with mental state instead of caloric need....if yours is the latter, nothing you hear from anyone here will help.
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    I agree that, overall, IF is unnecessary.

    That being said, I do IF because it fits nicely with how I work.

    As a child, I had to be force-fed breakfast and it usually made me feel sick. I could tolerate it if I waited an hour between rising and breakfast, but that was barely tolerable.

    I researched IF and thought it would be great for my husband. Took him a year to pick it up, and when he did, we decided to go for it. I found it effortless. I was eating the same amount of food, just in less time during the day -- and I never felt like I "had to" eat when I wasn't hungry!

    And, my emotional eating habit basically stopped. Because I had a short window and I knew I wanted to get my nutrition in, eating anything that I would normally have for emotional eating just wasn't something that seemed right (in the body/feeling space). My body just wanted real food during the feasting window. And if I had cookies or something, I would get full, and then not be ready for dinner or something, and then that would push everything back or close the window or whatever. So that basically solved itself.

    I currently alternate between a breakfast around 11 and dinner finishing before 7 with two meals and sometimes a snack and drinking my green juice at 11 am (not even 50 cals), then have a big dinner (warrior diet style). I always get in the same amount of calories, it's just a matter of whether it's in a narrower or wider window.

    It works well for me. I don't think it necessarily does for everyone, though.

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