Hi Egoldstein,

I was on E2L for 4 months and lost 50 pounds. I ate the same things every day for four months because I don't really know how to cook ( I am trying to learn). I couldn't sustain eating like that either, not enough fat and too many carbs. I felt really good in the beginning but more and more carbs kept creaping into my daily meals. Eventually I stopped and the weight plus more came back. I'm really impressed that you were able to do E2L for two years.

I don't think Dr. Furhman looks very healthy, he looks like a skeleton to me and I was always conflicted while I was on the plan. I felt good at the time but considering the diet I gave up, any improvement would have made me feel better.

I'm definitely going to give this a chance. I just ordered The Vegetarian Myth which was recommended by lecz0r.

Thanks for your support.