This is absolutely insane to me. I have an ipod touch that is less than 2 years old. It has 32GB disc space, cost about $300 and has a computer more powerful than the one that put people on the moon. And yet after less than 2 years old the battery inside is dead and it cannot be repaired. I'm expected to simply throw it away.

Not only does it anger me to throw the actual device away, but I have purchased a few books and some apps that now must also be thrown away. And there was no warning for the battery. It simply died and that was that.

Does this kind of thing strike anybody else as completely insane? Maybe I'm just too old for this way of life. I remember when it was a big deal if your computer had 16K of memory. This feels like an enormous waste. I don't think I can in good conscience continue with this type of consumption.