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Thanks for the reply. Depending on your goals I can suggest different programs for you but one style that I typically put my MMA guys through are conditioning weighted circuits. They're challenging, use weights and will increase your strength and your anaerobic ability.

The main goal is to work the whole body and move through the circuits as quickly as possible with little to no rest between exercises.

Because I've never seen how you move I can't give you any specific exercises for any imbalances that you most likely have (everyone does) so this program would is going to be pretty generic.

So there are 4 exercises for each circuit and I'll give you two different circuits to work on. Do each circuit in the order I've written as there is a reason for the order. Run through each circuit doing each exercise back to back (Number 1 then 2 then 3 then 4 for 1st set then repeat for 2nd set) for reps of 12 and do each circuit 5 times. I'm going to make these fairly easy because I don't know your power level

You may need to good the movement to know what it is
Circuit 1.

1. Goblet squat
2. Hanging knee raises or roman chair
3. Floor press elbows close to the body and palms facing each other
4. Skipping (150 times)

Circuit 2.

Dumb bell snatch (12 each side)
Single leg dead lift (12 each side)
Renegade row (12 on each side)
Skipping (150 times)

Use a weight you would be comfortable with. I would recommend going lighter than heavier at first because his is going to be quite challenging. If you don't have a skipping rope, do jumping jacks for the same volume. A good way to know when it's time to switch things up is when your actually using the skipping as your cool down. That should be your goal.
Many thanks, looks like what I need. I'll Google some of the movements to get the form down. Looks adaptable to what I have over here in the gym. Thanks again!