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Thread: Leg bone gives up oldest human DNA page

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    Leg bone gives up oldest human DNA

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    That's interesting!
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    I read that in the news today and was stunned that a 400,000 year old bone still had viable DNA. Amazing.
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    Denisovan DNA. I realize "human" isn't a scientific term, but don't we we usually retain the term for our species, regardless of a certain lawsuit underway in New York State?
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    With ancient interbreeding producing fertile offspring and contributing positively to the gene pool, the distinction between human and not is a lot more blurred now and with limited evidence it is hard to specify criteria to define being human.
    I suspect it may well go back 1MYA +, well into the Homo Erectus peak period.

    So the exodus out of Africa may well have been more of an ebb and flow, occuring many times not just once, plenty of opportunities for interbreeding and maintaining a genetically fertile connection.
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