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    Swordfish Stroganoff

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    Stroganoff is a Russian dish of sautéed meat and soured cream, or smetana.

    Popular worldwide, Stroganoff has grown to incorporate many combinations of tastes, flavours and textures, from the inclusion of vegetables, mushrooms, pasta or rice, served inside crepes, as a topping to baked potato and made with almost any cut of meat, even sausage.

    I have some swordfish ... so thought, "why not?".

    Folks who are not into their dairy or rice noodles, look away. In fact, only folks who don't "do" cream look away ... we can substitute the noodles for veggie noodles or ribbons, but the cream is part of the dish.

    Swordfish? Hell, yeah! It's meaty, certainly as much as chicken.

    Let's crack on ...


    Your set of ingredients might differ wildly, but do take the opportunity to try this with swordfish - it's really good!

    Swordfish, bacon, mushroom, onion, garlic, paprika, black pepper, celery salt, dill and parsley. Double Cream. Rice noodles and courgette.

    Mise en Place

    Mise en Place is a French culinary term "put in place", or prepare; all the chopping cutting and little piles of food ready to drop into pans as you go.

    I'm going with swordfish, bacon, mushrooms, onion and garlic as the main part of the dish, so simply chop chop up into strips. Set aside.

    For the noodles, I'm using rice noodles which need nothing more than three minutes sitting in boiled water, but I am going to bulk them out with courgette ribbons. Peel a few ribbons from a courgette and cut down to thin long strips. Place this lot into a pan, ready for boiling water.

    Cream. I don't have any soured cream, but double cream will do fine. How much? Some! Pour in at the end, sufficient to make a sauce, but not too much to drown the dish.

    For flavours, black pepper, paprika and celery salt is all nice, as is some chopped fresh herbs: dill and parsley for me.


    Take a large heavy-based skillet and get the bacon softening, rending out some of the fat.

    Toss the chopped onion in and just soften.

    Drop in the mushrooms to soak up all the fats.

    Now, in with the swordfish and sauté until coloured through.

    Chopped dill, parsley, paprika, black pepper and celery salt, reserving some chopped parsley for garnish.

    In with some double cream and lower the heat so as to reduce the cream while it melds with all those flavours.

    Prepare your noodles. Boiling water over, three minutes - perfect for the cream to have reduced.


    Noodles and courgette down, Stroganoff over and garnish with fresh herbs.

    I popped a tomato on top, too, just because ...


    Novel. Very enjoyable. Definitely a "do again" and something I'd encourage all to try.

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    Lol, when I read "swordfish" my brain gave me "Swordtail Fish" and I was wondering how many tiny little swordtails you'd need to make a meal.

    Looks delicious.

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    Wow! That looks awesome.
    Never tried swordfish though.
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    Cheers, folks ... definitely give it a go!

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    OKAY YUM! And amazing picture too! Can I come over tomorrow so you can make it again for me?

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    It's a long way to come for dinner, but yeah ... why not?

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