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Thread: Woe. I think I'm developing a coconut intolerance.

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    Woe. I think I'm developing a coconut intolerance.

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    Sometime last year, I started getting a weird... tongue thing... at random times. I went to the doctor, and to the dentist, and they called it "geographic tongue" and had no explanation or treatment for it. They said it might be autoimmune or it could be an allergy to something. Basically I had to live with it. It's weird - like round blotches on your tongue that don't do anything but sit there and feel sensitive; they don't really hurt, and they don't affect taste, but they look odd and upsetting.

    This summer it settled down a lot and eventually seemed to go away entirely. I found this bizarre, because my diet over most of the summer was legitimately terrible. It was the opposite of primal. The only thing I didn't go back to was gluten; everything else was fair game.

    I finally got myself back on track a few weeks ago, and last week I made one of my go-to winter favorites, cream of mushroom soup (mushrooms, onions, beef broth, coconut milk, ghee). Afterward, my stomach rebelled completely, and two days later my tongue looked like it had been hit by a meteor shower.

    Now, a week later -- a week without coconut of any kind -- and it's totally back to normal again.

    I really hope I'm wrong. I'm doing without all things coconut for a few weeks to see how it goes, then I'll reintroduce it and see what happens. I'll be SO. ANNOYED. if it's really the coconut. That's such a huge staple for me...

    Anyone else have any experience with coconut allergy/intolerance?

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    I've got plenty of experience with discovering I'm intolerant or otherwise sensitive to foods I love, though not coconut. But the fact is that you've got to do what you've got to do.

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    I may be developing or discovering a coconut problem, too. It seems to kick up my old IBS when I eat too much raw coconut or drink/eat too much coconut milk. "Too much" has not yet been determined.

    Totally sucks - I have problems with nuts, too!

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    That is something I am really nervous of losing. Can't have dairy, eggs or most nuts, and now having a problem with onion and garlic I have a funny feeling that coconut milk could be causing some of my stomach issues but it is a huge staple for me. I don't want to cut it out to try for fear of not being able to put it back in. The ones I prefer have guar gum though. Could you be having a problem with the guar gum?
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    i don't have experience of coconut allergy, but I do have geographic tongue.

    Mine flares up when my gut is unhappy.

    Eating wheat/gluten will definitely cause a flare, and I don't eat that any more. The last time it flared was probably because I ate some oats. I can't quite get the problem to go away, even when my diet is grain-free, and suspect that it's not just down to food intolerances, but also due to a deficiency of something. I've been trying to pin down what that something is for a couple of years, but top of my list right now is calcium.

    Are you absolutely sure it was the coconut milk? Have you had mushrooms since then? Was the beef broth homemade or did it contain yeast extract? Does your tongue improve if you have crushed garlic in your broth because mine does!
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    I experience bad tummy troubles immediately upon consuming coconut if my stomach is empty. Coconut cream in a hot beverage (tea), is probably one of the more unpleasant sensations I've had with coconut. When I precede the coconut with a few bites of food, this reaction doesn't happen.

    Almost everytime I take it with food, there is a starch component present, usually a bit of sweet potato. Protein can dull the effect, but not as well as taking it with some starch for some reason, I've experienced.

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