Been pretty strict primal for a 16 days (not a gigantic change from my previous eating habits), had a good portion of liver for the last couple days, and I feel AMAZING. I feel like I just drank a few coffees, but without the stomach ache, shakes, and crash! It's also superbly filling - liver for breakfast and I wasn't hungry at all until mid afternoon. I don't know if I was deficient in something in the liver (grass fed pasture rasied from whole foods $4/lb), but whatever it was I'm really glad I got some! I've done some reading and have come up with some numbers for avoiding dangerous levels of vitamin A. I wonder if there are any other dangers from eating liver every morning... It's way better than coffee (I gave up the high octane stuff b/c it wrecks my sleep quality and overall energy levels quick).

Anyone else have any similar experiences with liver or any other specific foods? Anyone have any good reason not to eat liver frequently (other than vitamin A toxicity, something I've accounted for)?