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    I "screw my hands into the ground" with pushups. It's a cue to keep tension in the shoulder and it adds a lot of strength, especially on 1-arm pushups. It doesn't change the position of anything, just adds a little stability and overall tension. Squats feel the same way- nothing is moved out of alignment, but there is extra tension there for stability.

    Another cue I heard was "split the floor apart with your feet". The end result is strong tension through the hips, without any actual movement of your position.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quikky View Post
    Like in my gun thread, some people don't care for 1911s
    Now THAT'S just silly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RittenRemedy View Post
    Now THAT'S just silly.
    I know but you have to tolerate them - forum rules and all

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