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Thread: Good Tempeh - for vegetarian/paleo dinner

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    Question Good Tempeh - for vegetarian/paleo dinner

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    Hello, MDA! Long-time lurker here...

    I am hosting a dinner with a fellow paleo friend of mine, and a vegetarian. To combine the two food philosophies, my plan is to have a meal consisting of stuffed portobello mushrooms, a spaghetti squash pasta (w/pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, etc), asparagus, and then a protein entree (for my paleo friend and I, it will likely be a chicken breast or thighs).

    For my vegetarian friend, I wanted to prepare the entree as a high-quality, flavorful vegetarian protein. I've heard some good things about tempeh, and I was curious if any of you have advice on a GOOD, tasty tempeh product, or on preparation of tempeh, if you've ever ventured into the realm of vegetarian proteins. Ideally, I'd like to serve it similarly to the chicken - marinated in herbs and vinegar, perhaps.

    Any ideas?

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    Tempeh's definitely a good idea. I like it - well, liked it - fried until crispy, with soy sauce and sesame oil, along with some mushrooms for variety. (I think I'd have found just solid tempeh in a chicken-breast-sized portion a bit much - the flavour's quite intense.) Unlike tofu, it has its own flavour and doesn't have to be marinaded to taste of anything. Why not experiment on yourself a bit until you get something you like?

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