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Thread: Bulletproof Coffee!

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    Bulletproof Coffee!

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    I've been on the keto diet for about a week now and decided to introduce bulletproof coffee. I've been having it daily since Monday and I'm loving it! A few years ago, I used to drink sugar loaded coffee beverages from Starbucks and then learned to love black coffee. I was a little hesitant to try the BF coffee but decided it was worth the shot, especially if it was going to help me get into ketosis faster while shunting hunger.

    For the first few days, I used Salted Kerrygold butter and Coconut Oil because that's all I hand on hand. It was amazing. Just yesterday, I received my bottle of MCT and so this morning, I made my coffee using the MCT and UNSALTED butter. I've determined that I actually prefer the taste of the salted and coconut oil combination better. I may go back to using salted but will keep to the MCT because it's supposed to be a better.

    Anyone else prefer salted and coconut oil in their coffee?

    Just as a FYI, I started at 1 TBSP butter and 1 TBSP oil in 16 oz coffee but bumped it up to 2 TBSP butter and 1 TBSP oil.

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    I don't do it often, but I do like it. I add coconut oil and salted homemade Ghee, the ghee is very caramelly....Yum..
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    My daily coffee recipe:

    one heaping spoonful of coconut oil
    a few shakes of cinnamon
    a few shakes of pure dark cocoa powder
    a healthy splash of pure vanilla extract
    one egg
    12-16 oz coffee

    hit it with the stick blender for 6-8 ish seconds

    Absolutely love it!

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    Salt is a matter of preference, and Dave Asprey does recommend consuming salt in the morning, he just thinks it tastes gross in coffee. If you like it then go for it. I make mine with unsalted butter, MCT oil, a little bit of cinnamon, and sometimes a little bit of coconut oil in addition to the butter and MCT when I want more coconut flavor. MCT is flavorless but produces very noticable increased mental performance when compared to coconut oil alone, at least for me. Try it with butter, MCT, AND coconut oil some time, you may get the best of both worlds that way. MCT oil (obviously) has a much higher concentration of MCTs than plain coconut oil.

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    My body-builder coffee:

    3 egg yolks
    dash vanilla

    Cook the whites with some meat for breakfast
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    I have 4 different recipes for Bulletproof coffee on my site. Two recipes for people with digestive problems, and two other recipes to help with SIBO. Bulletproof® Coffee |
    My book Fix Your Gut is available on Amazon The book price is $7.99.

    I also offer coaching:
    Twitter: @fixyourgutjb

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    Yum! Refined, nutrition-free fat!

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    Anyone tried this in a thermos coffee mug? Does it separate after awhile? I usually drink my morning coffee from 7:30 to about 10:30 from my insulated cup and want to bring some BPC, but I don't want it to separate after awhile in my cup.

    Also - many people recommend a pinch of salt in their coffee to smooth the taste..
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    I use butter, coconut oil, and MCT oil alone or in various combinations. But I don't use it as a meal replacement, so even my "splurge" cuppa has just under 100 calories - that's usually my last cup of two or three in the late afternoon when I'm starting to feel hungry, but don't want to eat yet.

    I've used salted butter a couple of times, but I prefer the unsalted.

    ETA: ColoradoSteve, I don't use a thermos, but I often nurse a cup of coffee until it's almost cold. MCT stays liquid, coconut oil gets a little filmy on top, and butter starts to go to solid if the coffee gets cool enough. I think a light shaking of your thermos might work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Markbt View Post
    Salt is a matter of preference, and Dave Asprey does recommend consuming salt in the morning
    he doesn't recommend it in coffee. He and his cult-followers love starting their day off with a glass of salt water -> Mastering the Mid-day Recharge (In 15 Minutes)
    My two favorite Bulletproof tips for starting the day with high energy are:
    1.Mix a half teaspoon of a high quality pink Himalayan salt in a large glass of water first thing in the morning and drink the whole thing. As we’ll explain in our Bulletproof Executive book, this helps your adrenals get started. For me, and dozens of other people Dave has coached, it’s like flipping on a light switch. This will not contribute to high blood pressure, and it will reduce adrenal stress.
    2.After your glass of salt water, start the day with Bulletproof Coffee. Clean coffee plus healthy fats like grass-fed butter and MCT equals pure power that lasts for hours.
    -Ryan Mercer my blog and Genco Peptides my small biz

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