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    Quote Originally Posted by Primal_BK View Post
    What's your average amount of sleep per night?

    If you go to bed too early do you wake up early?
    Before primal, 6 hours. After primal and some time after carb flu, 10 hours, no matter the bedtime. (Unless my daughter is having insomnia.)
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    3-7 hours. Mind you I'm a super light sleeper, hypervigilant, have trouble quieting my mind and have PTSD heh although if I get 5+ hours I feel like a million bucks.
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    8ish hours. When I am busy or stressed it's less than that, but I tend to get 2 sleep cycles in and that's close to 8.

    I wake up around 7-9am naturally unless I am exhausted.

    Note: some times I get up and read a few pages or check my email in between the 2 sleep cycles.

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    Work days = 11pm to 6:30am
    Off days = midnight until 8:30 or so

    I had many years of extreme sleep dep, so I am pretty serious about it now
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    I used to think that if only I could get 8 hours of sleep a night, I would feel well-rested. Now that I can set my own schedule, I probably average 6-7 hours, which seems to be enough. Perhaps the stress levels of my life, having gone down, now require me less sleep.

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    I wish I could find time for 8 hours a night. I love to sleep. But for now, bedtime is 11-11:30pm, up at 4:45am. Weekends I will usually do one 10 hour sleep, my way of catching up...

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    My sleep is all over the place these days. 6-7 hours on "normal" nights, or only 3-4 hrs when I'm thinking about, or rather over thinking stuff. I wish my mind had a switch button.

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    I'm definitely polyphasic or whatever word you would like to use. I sleep and wake every 2-3 hours through the night until morning when I just lay there for the last hour waiting for the alarm to go off. This is usually from 11-12 at night until wake at 7AM. About 1-2x/week I take an hour nap during my lunch. I am never dragging ass or feeling tired while working or playing though. Its just how my body works I suppose.

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    I am perpetually asleep

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    I sleep much like Neckhammer says up there, minus the naps. Those are rare.

    I kind of think I should go in for a sleep study, since I think I might have some form of apnea. I'm rarely tired, though.

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