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Thread: Anything I can do to get rid of my cracking joints?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LauraSB View Post
    What I don't understand is how eating the protein from connective tissue has a direct impact on a person's own connective tissue. The protein is broken down into its individual amino acids in the gut. If it passed into the blood stream as a whole protein, that would be a "leaky gut". So how does your body know what kind of protein you've eaten and why does it promote the regeneration of your own connective tissue?
    I assume because the nutrients that are absorbed from collagen are the ones that feature prominently in our own joint health. For instance BCAA's are amino acids that body builders prize because they are the main components of muscle building. Meat is typically the best source, so here eating another animals muscles helps build your own. - Gaming, Food Reviews and Life in Singapore

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    I actually suggest doing something like qi gong or dancing. Something that allows for vigorous exercise without actually being hard on the joints - flowing movements where you consciously stretch every part of your body out properly. I do some dancing in my kitchen with the curtains pulled shut, great way to just find out how your joints move and let you loosen up the places where you feel tension.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fitnessfanatic View Post
    No it's not painful. It never is. Just really really annoying. It distracts me from working out hard.

    It happens everyday too. Does anyone know of anything I can take? Thank you.
    My physiotherapist says it's related to not having properly trained muscles around the joints.
    i found that eating more protein and fat is helping as well
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    If you want to make your own gelatin, the easiest way is to make a clear gelatinous broth. Toss a pig's foot in the slow cooker and add some water and salt. Let it go overnight. Strain and refrigerate the broth, then remove the layer of fat. It'll be thick like jello, and I mean really like jello. You could make a nice aspic this way or just heat it up and it turns into broth again.

    I'm testing having some of this gelatin broth every day this week and see if it makes any kind of difference.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarielleGO View Post
    My physiotherapist says it's related to not having properly trained muscles around the joints.
    i found that eating more protein and fat is helping as well
    I've been fixing my posture (kyphosis) over the past couple of years. My lower back almost never pops anymore. There are a few spots in my upper back that pop now that never would release before. My neck still cracks a lot. With my upper back popping, I've noticed my chest/collarbones popping as they start resetting.

    I'm hoping that as I continue to strengthen my back and loosen my chest muscles, the popping will cease.

    Also, I have golfer's elbow on my left side (too much gripping and flexion). For months that elbow has popped if I twisted it a certain way. I didn't realize, but that popping was an indicator that there was a muscle imbalance there.

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