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Thread: Screamingly funny cat cartoon

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    Screamingly funny cat cartoon

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    It's been said that cats have taken over the internet. In fact, there's a new term for wasting time at work -- namely, "watching cat videos". My recent favourite was the one of the cat letting the dog out of the kitchen. LOL.

    Anyway, here's the Telegraph's brilliant pocket-cartoonist, Matt, with a cartoon of a cat "evading justice" after ripping up its master's armchair in sharpening its claws. The cat's there in the hall -- he's sneaking off in disguise. It's the way they draw these conceptions in just a few pencil strokes that impresses me -- the way his tail can be seen emerging. Priceless!


    You have to know the background to get the joke. This refers to a problem that British Military Intelligence -- MI5 -- was told about back in 2007. I guess, like everyone else -- the American Heart Foundation or Dr. Oz on diet, for example -- they "can't be told":

    MI5 warned six years ago of terror escape - Telegraph

    Very funny cartoon, though.
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    Find the new born kitten vey funny

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